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Last Updated: May 30, 2018 10:55AM EDT

How to use Sony's Action Cam with V1

V1 allows users with Sony's Action Cam to control capture using V1 Pro, import videos capture via Sony's Action Cam into V1 Pro, and analyze the videos with its Analyzer.

This feature is supported on Action Cam models starting with HDR-AS only.

Touch Capture from anywhere within V1 Pro. You will be presented with a "Capture Method" dialog. You will have the choice of "V1 Capture", which uses your device's camera to capture video, or "Sony's Action Cam", which uses your Action Cam to capture video. Once selecting your Capture Method, the "Always" button will remember your selection, so you are no longer presented with this dialog. The "Just Once" button will only use your selected Capture Method once, therefore, you will be presented with the dialog the next time you capture. If you have selected "Always", you will be able to change your Capture Method using the Settings page, which is accessible via the Menu button. With this Setting, you can have V1 prompt you, by selecting "Prompt Me", have V1 use V1's capture by default, or use Sony's Action Cam by default.

Once you have selected "Sony’s Action Cam", V1 Pro attempts to connect to an Action Cam via WiFi. If more than one Action Cam is nearby your device, you will be presented with a dialog, allowing you to choose your device, based on its SSID. If V1 Pro is unable to locate a nearby Action Cam, you will be presented with an error dialog, instructing you to ensure your Action Cam is on and its WiFi is enabled. This error dialog will also allow you to use V1 Pro’s own capture solution, if you wish.


If your Action Cam is in "Movie" mode, once connection has completed, you will be presented with your Action Cam’s preview display. Touching "Capture" begins video capture. Touching "Stop" completes video capture. Touching "Angle" allows you to change the view angle of your video, based on your Action Cam’s supported video angles. Touching "Quality" allows you to change the resolution and frames per second (fps) of your captured video, based on your Action Cam’s supported video qualities.


If your Action Cam is in "Send" mode, once connection has completed, a horizontal list of your captured videos will be displayed. Only videos 30 seconds or less are available to be imported. You are able to swipe left and right to scroll through your captured videos. Touching "Analyze" will download a video, if it hasn’t already been downloaded, and open it up within V1 Pro’s Analyzer. Touching "Download" will only download the video. This allows you to download multiple individual videos while connected to the Action Cam without analyzing each one. These videos will be found under the Imported heading within your Stored Videos section. Note that 720p and 1080p videos will be downsampled to either 720p or 480p, depending on the "High Quality Mode" setting, set using the Settings Page, which is accessible via the Menu button.

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