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Last Updated: Sep 15, 2017 05:30PM EDT

What is your Locker?

Your V1 Academy Locker is your online account, that is accessible from all V1 platforms.  It can be used for storage of videos, moving videos between devices, or assigning videos to an online instructor for additional analysis.  (Online analysis may incur additional fees)

The free and $4.99 versions of V1 Golf allow access to items stored in your Locker during the first year only. A V1 Golf Plus subscription is required to access Locker objects once they have been stored on the server for one year.

How to add an item to your Locker

  • You must first capture or import the video you would like to send to your Locker, so that it is a part of the Stored library. These instructions can be found elsewhere in this knowledgebase.
  • Locate that video in the Stored library and tap once to open the preview page shown below.
  • To send this item to your Locker, tap the "Send" button (circled) to open the send menu, then tap "Send to My Locker" at the top of the list.

  • The app will immediately begin sending this file to your Locker.  A progress meter will be shown.  Actual upload time depends on the size of the file being sent as well as the speed of your internet connection. If you are using V1 on a mobile data connection, sending or receiving video does count as data usage.


  • Once the item has finished sending, you will be returned to the preview page.  

Viewing items in your Locker

  • Switch to the Locker tab at the bottom of the app window to view items stored in your Locker.  Videos under 30 seconds that have not been analyzed by another instructor will be shown in the "Uploaded" column, ranked from newest to oldest top to bottom. Completed lessons, or videos exceeding 30 seconds will be shown in the "Analyzed" column.

Locker Symbol Key

  • Items listed in GREEN text have already been synced with this device and are available for playback now in the "Stored" area of the app.  Internet access is not required to play this item.


  • Items listed in BLACK text exist in your online account only.  Internet access will be required to retrieve this video for playback.


For users uploading a video to be analyzed by another instructor, there is a small symbol next to each Locker item to show the current analysis status.


  • "Plus" icon:  New video, has not been assigned to any instructor. 


  • "Airplane" icon:  Video has been assigned to an instructor for analysis, request is pending


  • "Green Check" icon:   Instructor has accepted the analysis request, analysis has not been completed  (Item will move to "Analyzed" when analysis is completed)


  • "Red X" icon:  Instructor has declined this analysis request, or did not respond to the request within 30 days.

How to retrieve an item from your Locker

  • Locate the item in your Locker, tap once to preview, tap "Analyze" button to begin downloading.


  • When the item is received, it will be added to Stored > Locker for offline playback.  You can access this item in the future by opening it from either the Locker or Stored areas of the app.

Deleting items from your Locker

  • Deleting any item in V1 is done by using the trash can icon found on the preview page.  


  • Deleting an item from the Locker area of the app deletes this item from your online account as well as from the Stored area of this device.  The video will not be removed from the Stored area of other V1 installations that may have also downloaded it in the past.


  • Deleting that same video from the Stored area of the app only deletes the locally stored copy.  The file remains in your Locker and can be downloaded again for future use by following the above instructions.


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