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Send Video to Instructor - iOS

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2017 05:58PM EDT
Sending a Swing with V1 Golf for iOS

Capture and trim the video you wish to send to your instructor.  Instructions for these steps can be found elsewhere in this knowledgebase.

When you are ready to send a video to your instructor, you must first open the desired video inside of V1's video analyzer, the same place where you would use the drawing tools.

Once the video is open, tap the V1 Menu icon in the upper left corner to open the analyzer options menu, then tap the "Send Video" button to start the process.


"Send Video" will open a list of academies associated with your account.   If you have had prior interaction with this instructor or academy in the past, they will be automatically listed for you (image on left).  If this is your first time using the online academy features, you may not have any academies listed yet, and would need to use the browsing tools to select the desired academy and instructor from a list (image on right).

Selecting an Academy will bring up a list of all of the pros enrolled at that academy.  Select the desired pro from the list, then tap "Use this Academy and Pro"

Selecting an Academy and a Pro returns you to the main Send menu.  The desired Academy should now be listed across the top of the Send menu, and you should now have an option to "Send to My Pro" with their name visible.   Tap the Send to My Pro link to start the uploading process.

The app will display a progress meter showing the estimated upload time.   Upload time is determined by the size of the file being sent and the speed of the connection being used to send it.

When this meter reaches 100% and you are returned to the previous step, this video has been uploaded to your online account and assigned to the selected instructor for analysis. 

You can send additional videos to this instructor by opening them in the analyzer and tapping V1 Menu icon > Send Video > Send to My Pro..     You do not need to select the academy and instructor every time.  This only needs to be done on the first use when your account has no past history, or if you wish to work with a different instructor.

Once sent, you can check on the status of this item by looking under Locker > Uploaded

When the analysis is completed, it will move to Locker > Analyzed

You will receive an email notification indicating the current status of that request immediately after uploading it, as well as a followup message any time the status changes.

Last updated:  08.09.17

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