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Sending a Video to an Instructor

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018 11:04PM EDT
Sending a Swing with V1 Golf

There are three places in the V1 Golf app where you can Send or Share a swing with a Pro: the Options Menu for each video in Swings, the Video Details page, and the Analyzer page.

If you've shared swings with your instructor in the past, they will be displayed for you.  If this is your first time using the online academy features, you may not have a pro listed yet, and will need to use the search and browse tools to select the desired academy and instructor (described below).

1. Send from the Swings tab on the main Videos screen.
In the Swings tab on the main Videos screen, you will see a menu icon with three vertical dots next to each video. Click on the that menu icon and you will see the Video Options menu.

Click on the "Send Video to my Pro" menu option. 

If you are already associated with a Pro in V1, your Pro and their Academy name will pop up, and you can simply click the Send Video Now button. 

If you are not yet associated to a pro in the V1 system, you will see a screen that says "No instructor selected", with a button to Select Academy and Pro. Click this button and follow the steps to find your pro.

First, search or scroll to find your pro's academy. If you don't know your pro's Academy name, ask them! Once you select an academy, you'll see the list of pros associated to that Academy.


When you select your pro's name, you'll be taken bak to the Send Video Now screen and your account will now be associated with that Pro in the future.

Note: If you are associated with a pro already, but would like to send a swing to a different pro, click on the Change Academy or Pro option. You can search or scroll for your pro's Academy name, then select the new pro's name the list of pros associated with that Academy.

When you hit Send Video Now, the app will display a progress meter showing the estimated upload time.   Upload time is determined by the size of the file being sent and the speed of the connection being used to send it.

When this countdown reaches zero you will receive a brief success message and you are returned to the previous screen. This video has been uploaded successfully to your online account and assigned to the selected instructor for analysis. 

Once you've selected a pro, you do not need to select the academy and instructor every time.  This only needs to be done on the first use when your account has no past history, or if you wish to work with a different instructor.

Once a video is sent (or shared) with your pro, the video will move from your Swings tab to the Lessons tab. It will no longer appear in your Swings tab.

You will see it in the Lessons tab with a status indication and the pro's name. It will show Sent when you send the swing, Accepted when the pro Accepts it, and Completed when the pro has send back their analysis as a lesson.

2. Send video to pro from the Video Details page
You can also send a video to your Pro from the Video Details screen. From the main Videos screen, select the video you would like to send by clicking on the thumbnail of the video. This will take you to the Video Details screen where you will see the Share option in the center.

Click Share and if you already have a Pro associated with your V1 Golf account, your pro's name will show up. Simply hit Send Video Now. If your pro doesn't show up, search the Academies to find and select your Pro (see selection details above).

3. Send video to pro from the Analyzer screen
You can also send a video to your pro from the Analyzer screen. The Analyze screen is the one with the markup and drawing tools. Just click on the Share menu and follow the steps outlined above to send this video to your pro.

Last updated:  03.08.18

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