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Commerce Connect (Beta)

Last Updated: May 25, 2018 01:28PM EDT

V1 Sports always strives to give instructors and students the best software and features for sports analysis. Commerce Connect is our commerce solution that will give V1 Branded Academy instructors the ability to setup Online Lesson subscriptions for their students. Currently Commerce Connect is down for upgrades, but we are offering an open invitation to join the Beta and test it out with your V1 Branded Academy. So here's how it works!


Joining the Beta


To the join the beta please contact Tim Grifin, V1 Sports' Support and Training Specialist; he can be reached via email at


Please Note: Commerce Connect is still in Beta, mean it is an unfinished product, bugs and missing features are to be expected!


Setup Account


In the Master Control Panel click on Setup Account under the Commerce Connect section. To setup your account, provide the following information for your academy's main bank account. This will be the account in which we will deposit all of your earnings for transactions completed on the V1 platform.



Your Offers allow you to create a Single Video Analysis option with no long term commitment from your student as well as monthly and yearly subscriptions with a fixed swing allotment for each month.


New Subscription


Click the New Subscription button to add a subscription to your list of Offers.

Start by giving your new subscription a name. Then select the type of subscription, whether it be monthly or yearly. Enter in a price you think is fair and finally set the Swing Allotment per Month. When you're finished simply click submit to add your new subscription.


V1 Pro Tip: Try creating a free trial. Free trials will allow clients to try the subscription process without a long term or monetary commitment. Check the Trial Period box and proceed by setting the trials length and how many swings are included in the trial.



You can embed one of our Commerce Connect widgets into your website to showcase your subscriptions and allow your students to make purchases from them. Simply copy and paste the iFrame into your website to generate the widget.

Using the widget, your students can select the subscription they want, next they will be prompted to log into their V1 Locker and they are be required to enter in a card number to complete their purchase. Once a purchase is completed the swing allotment is added to their V1 Account.


V1 Pro Tip: Using the widget isn't the only way your students can purchase your subscriptions. When Commerce Connect is active on your Branded Academy students can use the V1 Golf app to purchase your subscriptions as they send you a swing. Have your students use the instructions in this video to send you a swing. When your students tap the Send to my pro option in V1 Golf, the app will prompt them to purchase a subscription.

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