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LI Black Screen during playback

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2012 10:56AM EST
Note that there is a similar problem with pausing the video or when playing video in slowmotion. These are different problems and we have different answers elsewhere here in the KnowledgeBase. if you write us about this problem, please be specific to the problem that you are having and include whether you are having problems with all video, just your video,your camera make and model # and how you connect it to PC; USB or firewire.

We have a number of things to try and these are in the order of most likely to be the problem. So please try these in the order listed.
1. If you can check the version of your LI software, the latest is 2.10.99. This is listed in View your swing/Options/System Info at the bottom of that window. If you do not have the latest update, be sure to close the LI software and then run this: 
2. Take a look at your video and audio card make and model #'s and then go to the manufacturer site and get the latest driver for your specific cards. Microsoft has added and made changes to their video and audio systems that require newer hardware drivers. 
Note that if you are working with a laptop, the best place to get these drivers is from the manufacturer of the laptop because these cards are built-in and integrated into the motherboard. Likewise if these are integrated into your desktop. However, if you have a desktop and these are daughter cards you should go directly to the manufacturer of the card to get its latest driver. These drivers should be newer then 9/2010.
3. Another thing to try is playing the LI videos in Windows Media Player to see how they play. Here is their location:
c:\program files\Leadbetterinteractive\fused\module-1\av. The files are in folders beneath. See if you see the same issue with these.
4. To check and see if your video card is a little weak, let's try this: Set the color setting in windows’ screen settings to 16bit instead of 32bit. In the LI software, in Options/Live Video/ under Advanced... try using RGB mode and see if these two changes help. 
Please let us know if these helped and if so, which one specifically.

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